Call for Proposals: External Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education Project

Liechtenstein Development Service (Moldova) is seeking expertise in the evaluation of the project “Moldova Employment and Entrepreneurship Education and Training Activity” (MEEETA), phase IV.


The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) has funded entrepreneurship activities implemented by the Moldovan NGO CEDA (Centre of Entrepreneurship Education and Business Support) since 2009.

In the framework of the MEEETA project, interventions targeted changes on various levels. Entrepreneurship courses for young people were complemented with start-up grants and support during the first years in business. The entrepreneurship courses were introduced into the vocational education and training system (VET) in Moldova as a mandatory subject culminating in the annual business plan competition among VET students. At the same time, the training of entrepreneurship teachers was institutionalized by enabling four Centres of Excellence, which have already established adult training sections (and a network of trainers beyond these institutions) to offer these trainings for VET teachers. Finally, MEEETA supported a number of VET schools, but also the VET system in general in the area of income generation for VET schools.

The fourth phase will end in 2020. Both CEDA and LED want to take this 10-year anniversary as an opportunity to engage in an externally guided evaluation. The evaluation is planned to be a learning process, based on which CEDA and LED will decide on the further cooperation.

Evaluation focus

The focus of the evaluation shall be two-folded:

  • To assess the capacity of VET schools to improve entrepreneurship training based on the newly adopted financial autonomy (opening possibilities to engage in entrepreneurial activities).

  • To map out existing small business grant schemes as well as business loans open for young people (18-29 years old) in Republic of Moldova to build up business start-ups or to strengthen existing small businesses across various sectors.

More information is provided in the Terms of Reference

Time and Budget

The evaluation report must be ready on the 1st of September 2019. The evaluation team should be aware that summer is a time of low activity, especially in the education system. People often are not available during these months. Planning the activities should take this fact into account.

For this evaluation a budget of up to 15’000 Euro has been foreseen.

Evaluation proposal

The proposal shall shortly describe the evaluators’ understanding of what is being evaluated and how each question will be answered. The evaluator can propose adaptations to the ToRs. The proposal will include a short description of the methodology, sources of data, and the expertise of the expert(s) and possible local partner(s). The proposal shall contain a budget and a draft schedule of activities and deliverables.

The decision will be taken by LED head office together with LED Moldova and CEDA. The main selection criteria will be the quality of the proposal.

Team composition and expertise

The evaluation shall be done by an international or national consultant. In case the consultant is an international expert, s/he should work together with a local consultant. The team should have expertise in Youth Entrepreneurship and Employability, Start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector. One member of the team should be able to communicate fluently in Romanian.


Proposals should be submitted until 13.05.2019. Please send the proposal and any questions related to the proposal to:

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