Launch of the “Makeri Youth Club” project

Practical activities for vocational school students that promote experimentation, collaboration and authentic projects.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Youth Maker Club project implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC). ATIC’s mission is to develop the information technology sector and increase the quality of ICT specialists. ATIC has contributed in the period 2012-2018 to the implementation of the projects “Improving the quality of technical vocational education in ICT in the Republic of Moldova” and “Partnerships for quality and relevance of technical vocational education in ICT in the Republic of Moldova”.

The aim of the Makeri Youth Club project is to support students from vocational schools in developing technical skills through practical activities, carried out in a modern, technological environment, which promotes experimentation, collaboration and the realization of authentic projects.

The project includes a series of extra-curricular activities organised at Fablab and Tekwill, which will provide students with a non-formal learning environment, including fun activities that provide hands-on application of science, technology and crafts (including mechanics, electricity, electronics). In addition to technical skills, students will be able to strengthen soft skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, basic digital skills and teamwork. Students will be supported and guided by experts and engineers from the Moldovan maker community.

In the initial phase, orientation sessions will be organized in vocational schools in Chisinau, followed by Open Doors/Maker Days, aiming to inform students about the workshops and facilities offered by Tekwill and FabLab Chisinau.

The core activity is the workshops held within the Young Makers Club. Students will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops such as 3D printing, Electronics and LED Lighting Projects, Repair Cafe, Carpentry and Craftsmanship, etc.

Likewise, Hackathons/Makeathons, Bootcamps/Summer Camps, Meetups will be organised to encourage vocational school students to participate with their peers in projects, applying their acquired skills to solve problems, learn from professionals and explore technologies and innovations in engineering.

Within this project, vocational schools in Chisinau are invited to join the Young Makeri Club project, so that their students can benefit from extracurricular activities in the field of technologies. For more details and to express interest in participating in this project, please contact the Project Coordinator – Victor Bujoreanu at

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