Best Business Plan Competition winners announced

The 5th edition of BEST BUSINESS PLAN Competition for VET students was launched regionally in April and concluded with a National event in June this year.

The winners of the BEST BUSINESS PLAN Competition 2018

In an increasingly competitive economy, creativity, innovation, and a willingness to take calculated risks are becoming the much-appreciated skills for the up and coming generation of VET school graduates. Such competitions promote a growing sense of the rewards of entrepreneurship and aim to increase the attractiveness of entrepreneurship as a career and self-employment option amongst VET students. The event is organised within the framework of the project “the Moldova Employment and Entrepreneurship Education and Training Activity” (MEEETA IV) funded by the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) and implemented by the Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECR).

To be an entrepreneur is being viewed more than ever as a progressive career choice.

Benefits of Business Plan Competitions

Such competitions are an enriching experience for students who can try their plans in a realistic context. By producing a credible business plan and presenting their case persuasively, they can significantly enhance their ability to bring their idea to fruition. The competition gives participants the opportunity to assess the effect of their presentation on the judges. The insights provided by judges of business plans are usually of great value, as they offer different perspectives on the idea. Furthermore, these presentations are often followed by Q&A sessions which test them further and force them to react on the spot to challenging questions, provoking the plan authors to defend their plans and to justify the various assumptions contained therein.

Overall, this process reflects real life closely and improves crucial skills that are often neglected in the day to day tasks but which are highly transferable. Participants practise the skill of public speaking as well as the verbal and written communication skills. Participants are required to present their ideas verbally alongside the written report, ensuring that these skills are exercised accordingly.

The Winners

A total of 111 students from 49 vocational schools, colleges and Centres of Excellence submitted their business plans to showcase their ideas, start-ups and early stage ventures to compete for valuable prizes. The competition started initially at the regional levels, shortlisting 18 aspiring entrepreneurs for the final stage of the National Competition.

The BEST BUSINESS PLAN 2018 Competition featured many interesting pitches, the jury decided on the winners for scoring high on different criteria such as presentation, business model, and viability.

  • The Top Award – Victor Rotaru, AgroIndustrial College from Ungheni with the business plan “Production and Selling of Apiculture Products”

  • First prize – Mihail Stratulat, Vocational School from Hîncești with the business plan ”Manufacturing Objects out of Forged Iron”

  • Second prize – Anastasia Stratulat, National College of Commerce from Chișinău with the business plan ”Chokeberry Plantation”

  • Thrid prize – Andriana Codreanu, College of Technology from Chișinău with the business plan ”Manufacturing Women’s Footwear”

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