Young cooks battled at the Culinary Competition 2018

More than 70 students from 11 vocational schools and colleges battled at the Culinary Competition for Junior Cooks

The young talented cooks in action

The Culinary Championship for Juniors kicked this year on 26th May, being hosted by the Vocational School Nr. 2 from Chișinău. The culinary competition gave talented students from vocational schools and colleges the chance to showcase their culinary abilities and passion for food through a series of delicious challenges. Participants were challenged to cook iconic traditional dishes specific for their region, so to stimulate and promote the use of local ingredients and of distinctive dishes. Additionally, the competition showcased a mystery box challenge with ingredients unknown to the participants so “to make them think on their feet.”

The competition provided a fabulous opportunity to see the young chefs participating and showcasing the competence they have gained throughout their studies as well as to encourage them to polish their professional skills.

Participants prepared a range of delicious dishes to impress an esteemed chef jury panel made up of Marian Danu (chef, founder of Lo Chef – Studiou Gastronomic), Mate Andras (chef, Romania), Alexandra Gontea (chef, Restaurant Vila Verde), Palitu Galina (cook-chef), Franco Sanna (manager of Casa Rinaldi in Moldova).

The jury panel were tremendously impressed by the variety and quality of dishes that was created this year. The students earned points based on their dishes’ appearance, taste and aromas, use of ingredients and food safety practises.


Organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Technical University, Casa Rinaldi from Moldova, NGO “Education for Development” (AED), Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (CEDA), and the Gastronomic Association.

The culinary competition for junior cooks put into spotlight the next generation great culinary professionals!!! We wish all the participants good luck, perseverance, creativity and continuous passion for the culinary arts.

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