Învăţămîntul Vocaţional

Status Ended
Duration 01 April 2020 – 31 March 2022 (24 month)
Beneficiaries 25-30 (future) English/French Language Teachers

160-190 primary school learners

40 VET students (Gastronomy)

Implementing organization Association Education for Development (AED)
Implementing partners Center of Excellence in Construction (CEC)
Target groups Future installers of photovoltaic systems, of solar thermal systems, companies working in this sector all interested persons in renewable energy sources (RES) in Moldova.
Budget 327’189 EUR Total Project Budget LED Contribution: 327’189 EUR

Project summary:

Moldova has approximately 2300 hours of sunshine annually. Also, in the recent years, a number of companies willing to provide opportunities for the use of solar energy conversion plants have emerged. Still, Moldova imports over 90% of its electricity. One of causes of the reluctant use of solar energy conversion plants is the lack of skilled labor, but also the insufficient public awareness about the benefits of using these technologies.
Because the technological areas of solar energy conversion are relatively new and are a product of economic interconnections, the specific occupations in the field are similar in different countries. According to experts, the following basic occupations in installation and maintenance of solar energy conversion equipment can be highlighted:

  • Engineers specializing in solar energy conversion equipment design the conversion elements, design their assembly and installation, and plan the works of installation, assembling and maintenance of the equipment. Their initial training is conducted in universities. The specializations (continuous training) in electrical or thermal conversion equipment can be carried out in universities or in private companies, licensed for the delivery of training programs in the mentioned field; 

  • Technicians specializing in solar energy conversion equipment perform technical works, smaller in the volume of independent activity compared to the works performed by engineers. The technicians get the initial training in colleges. The technicians can attend continuous training activities (in areas of thermal or electrical conversion of solar energy) in universities, other colleges, private companies accredited for the delivery of continuous training services in the RES system.

  • Installers for installing solar energy conversion equipment install solar energy conversion equipment and ensure their maintenance. Installers are trained in vocational schools or in companies accredited for training personnel in the fields of solar energy conversion.

  • Assemblers of photovoltaic systems connect the photovoltaic systems to the electricity grids. The assemblers are trained in professional schools or in companies accredited for the training of personnel in the photovoltaic field.

  • Specialists in the electronic management of photovoltaic installations oversee the electronic management of photovoltaic systems and the information transfer from the photovoltaic systems to the factors responsible for the operation and maintenance of the systems. These specialists are trained in IT training institutions.

OVERALL GOAL: The Republic of Moldova has basic capacities in offering training for the installers for solar energy conversion area, in line with EU requirements.


Outcome 1: Moldova has a regulatory framework necessary for the training of installers for thermal and electrical conversion of solar energy: 

  • installers of solar photovoltaic systems

  • installers of solar thermal systems

  • installers of shallow geothermal systems and heating pumps

Outcome 2: The vocational education and training in the Republic of Moldova has the necessary capacities for the initial training of the installers of thermal conversion and electrical conversion of solar energy

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