Agricultural Education

Education for Agriculture (EdAgri)

Status Completed
Duration 01.07.2015 – 30.06.2018
Partners Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development, and Environment; Technical University of Moldova
Beneficiaries Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies in Kaul (CEHTA)
Budget 594’468 €

Project description:

EdAgri supports the Centre of Excellence in Horticulture and Agricultural Technologies in Kaul (CEHTA) to improve training in two specialties: “Horticulture” and “Technology of plant products”. To this end, EdAgri is expanding practical training opportunities in vegetable and fruit growing. A second greenhouse will be built to allow the production of a wider variety of crops and seedlings, including grafting. Similarly, an open field vegetable teaching field will be created.

In another line of activity, EdAgri is launching an invitation to experts and specialised institutions to support the application of new production technologies in the college’s teaching fields. Within these mini-projects research institutes, companies, NGOs or independent experts will support the college in implementing and documenting new technologies. In this way, CEHTA will become a centre where a multitude of new methods are applied, becoming a base where farmers can learn more about modern methods of vegetable and fruit production.

All this will be done in close coordination with anyone who can provide qualified support to the college. To make CEHTA a more attractive partner for other projects and supporters, EdAgri will also strengthen the institution’s organisational capacity. This will mean additional staff, management inputs, and entrepreneurial courses for managers and staff. Finally, EdAgri will help improve the infrastructure of some of the hostel’s guest rooms. Thus, experts and trainers will stay for short periods of time to work in Kaul.


CEHTA offers relevant, practice-oriented training for growing vegetables and fruit as well as for preserving and processing plant products.

Expected results:

  1. CEHTA is a stronger institution.
    The production methods applied in horticultural teaching fields are modernised.

  2. 80% of specialist teachers have received at least 20 days of training in training skills.

  3. Each of the three partner schools has improved the learning process and infrastructure according to annual improvement plans.

  4. All specialist teachers (including all teachers teaching subjects such as soil science, plant protection, etc.) have participated in training courses.

  5. Taul College has established a demonstration plot for vegetables and a nursery for planting trees and shrubs, which has been equipped with a hail net. A 5 hectare plum orchard was planted.

  6. Establishment of a multi-purpose laboratory at CEHTA to conduct laboratory and practical courses.

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