Capacity Development for the CNIDE – Future Classroom

Status Closed
Duration 01.10.2019 – 30.09.2022
Implementing organization Foundation for Advancement of Moldova (FAM)
Cooperation Partners Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, State Pedagogical University “I. Creanga”, State University of Tiraspol, Moldova Competitiveness project, Orange Company
Budget EUR 464’453

Project summary:

The project will provide capacity building support for CNIDE to promote modern methodologies for active learning and to lead digital innovation in Moldova’s education system, serving as an educational platform for sharing experience, best practices and lessons learnt as a result of implementing STEAM teaching model and activity-based learning. The project will provide various inputs to build up the capacity of CNIDE.
The main components of the project are:  

  1. Capacity development for CNIDE trainers on didactics for the use of innovative teaching/learning methods.
  2. Support for CNIDE trainers to develop teacher training modules on didactics for the use of innovative methods.
  3. Organizational development for CNIDE and subsidizing the training delivery.

Project Outcomes: 

Impact: CNIDE becomes the leading center on digital innovations in education for Moldova’s education system, promoting the use of technologies for active learning.
Outcome I: CNIDE has a core team of competent trainers providing trainings and other inputs on modern learning approaches, fostering STEAM  competences;
Outcome II: CNIDE has a portfolio of new courses developed by its team of trainers;
Outcome III: CNIDE is well managed and clear procedures are in place enabling to act as competent center for innovations in education.

Expected Outputs: 

  1. CNIDE trainers are trained on innovative teaching techniques and active learning. 
  2. Trainers learn about the best practices in modern teaching/learning methodologies in different educational
  3. CNIDE submitted new modules for preliminary authorization and subsequent accreditation.
  4. CNIDE trainers deliver the newly developed modules.
  5. CNIDE trainers promote concepts of active learning embedded in the developed modules through showcasing the best practices during a series of demo workshops.
  6. CNIDE experts develop a snapshot of digital maturity of education system.
  7. CNIDE management team benefits from a number of inputs and coaching designed to increase their organizational capacity.
  8. CNIDE obtains accreditation as a training service provider.

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