Youth Employment

Support for the professional integration of young people in the labour market - FOCUS III

Status Completed
Duration 01.01.2018 - 31.12.2019
Cooperation partners Soroca District Council, Soroca City Hall, Soroca Territorial Employment Agency Soroca, Mihai Eminescu College, Agricultural Technical College, Nicolae Botgros College of Arts, Vocational School
Beneficiaries: Young people from Soroca district
Budget: 300’619 €
Local contribution 77’880 €

Project description:

Young people, especially young graduates of vocational training institutions, do not have sufficient skills to independently search for a job vacancy, to participate in interviews. Similarly, they do not always have good communication and negotiation skills, as well as the ability to draw up employment documentation at a competitive level (CV and other supporting documents), which limits their chances of finding a job in line with their qualifications. Being unemployed and professionally educated, they often go abroad, where they most often work illegally, including in fields that do not correspond to their qualifications. Another aspect of the problem is the lack of work experience. Young people are often not considered for employment because they do not have sufficient work experience. Even if they manage to find a job and start a career, they are inadequately paid, which leads them to leave their jobs at the integration stage because the wages they earn do not cover their minimum living costs.


Increasing the degree of integration of young people from Soroca district and the region into the local labour market.

Expected results:

  • Empowering at least 300 young people with competitive skills for employment.
  • Direct assistance to at least 90 at-risk, economically marginalised young people without family support in the process of social and professional re/integration.
  • Assistance to at least 270 young people in the process of employment and job retention.
  • Strengthening the capacities of CRT DACIA to provide support to young people in Soroca and the region.

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