A good start in life for rural children in Moldova (Phase I)

The rural area in Moldova is even more affected by poverty than the urban areas. Rural children are therefore more disadvantaged than their urban peers and many of them reach the school age unprepared and fitted for failure in primary school, for an early drop-out in middle school and, consequently, for the lack of basic life and job skills. Thus, a train of underachievement, further failure and poverty perpetuation is set in motion both for the young parents and their children. In order to diminish the negative effects borne by the rural children, the project “A Good Start in Life for Rural Children in Moldova” is developing and promoting a replicable, cost-efficient model of needs-driven community programs for unreached children and families through Community Centers supported by Ministry of Education and Education For All – Fast Track Initiative project. In a mutual effort, this project aims to support children’s comprehensive development, better school readiness and transition to school in about 138 Community Centers. Young children have the right to get care, which supports their optimal growth and development.

Rural children in Moldova often do not get the necessary support for ensuring this right. Home environment is poorly stimulating and child - care services and facilities are not available or fitted to meet their needs. Community Centers (CCs) can develop and offer innovative educational services for children and families and thereby be come an efficient solution for increased child support and social equity. Parenting education may considerably improve parents/caregivers’ practices in support to children’s development. Trained Community Centers staff can provide educational services of a higher quality and based on the child - centered approach. Empowered communities can better tailor local services for meet ing the educational and social needs of children and families.

The Education For All - Fast Track Initiative (EFA - FTI) project in Moldova is entirely focused on early child development. The synergy of projects can bring added value to the efforts undertaken by the Government in modernizing the early education and increasing the access of rural children and families to quality educational services.

Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Ministry of Education
Project outcome The CCs are actively supporting the parents and caregivers in their educational efforts for young children.
Project outputs
  1. Develop and print comprehensive package of materials for CCs programs for children and parents and for home activities
  2. Build training capacities. National SBSM experts and trainers deliver trainings to the target groups and provide technical assistance on - site to CC staff
  3. Develop the ability of communities to create needs - driven CC programs for parents and children
  4. Build the capacity of CC staff to run programs for parents and children meant to improve children’s development and school readiness and monitoring the quality
  5. Ensure and maintain the quality of CC programs
  6. Create a network of Community Centers across the country for support and sustainability
Duration 02.02.2009 – 31.01.2012 (first phase)
Project budget Annually: 296,000 Euros