Moldova Employment and Entrepreneurship Education and Training Activity, MEEETA Phase IV

The project promotes economic empowerment of young people by facilitating the development of their job and income generation skills with special focus on entrepreneurship. Main lines of activities are:
  • Assistance for nationwide implementation of the newly developed curriculum “Basics of entrepreneurship”. After piloting with 15 schools, the project will help the MoE to implement this curriculum nationwide. Based on the training need assessment, a series of trainings will be implemented both for VET school and college teachers.
  • Set up 3 methodological Centers for Basics of Entrepreneurship (north, center and south) for entrepreneurship teachers. Together with the resource centers, the project will organize yearly forums on entrepreneurship teaching in order to have a regular contact with the teaching staff.
  • Help young people to develop business plans and to put them into practice: Business plan contests, additional entrepreneurship courses for start-ups; provision of start-up grants; organization of internship and coaching.
  • Assist 3 VET schools to start their own entrepreneurial activities, which serve as hands-on examples for the students and contribute to a better professional education.
Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Business Support (Centrul pentru Educatie Antrepreneoriala si Asistenta in Afaceri - CEDA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MoE) as the main governmental partner, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, Ministry of Finance, and local implementation partners: Dacia Youth Centre (Soroca); Business women’s Association (Balti); Women Association from Gagauzia (Comrat); Chamber of Commerce and Industry, all VET institutions in Moldova.
Project outcome To further increase the chance of graduates from VET institutions to find a job or to start a micro-enterprise in the country.
Project outputs
  1. National capacity to provide entrepreneurial education in VET institutions is built.
  2. Undergraduates and graduates from VET institutions apply their entrepreneurship competencies.
  3. VET institutions carry out entrepreneurial activities for better quality of professional training of students and income generation.
Duration 01.03.2017 – 29.02.2020 (Phase IV)
Project budget EUR 757’743