MEEETA II (Winrock Moldova)

Entrepreneurship training is an important input for economic development. Education for entrepreneurship can be particularly effective in initial vocational training, as students are close to entering the world of work and self-employment may be a valuable option for them. MEEETA was designed to enhance existing job placement programs and vocational education efforts for young men and women in Moldova.
Entrepreneurial programs and modules implemented within MEEETA project offer students the tools to think creatively, to be effective problem solvers and to develop their abilities in turning ideas into actions. MEEETA builds on the success of Winrock’s Anti-Trafficking Initiative (MATI) and Women’s Micro-Enterprise Development Activity (WMEDA) projects by promoting economic empowerment and by facilitating the development of employment and income generation skills of young people, with a special focus on entrepreneurship.

VET schools’ students will be able better to search for a job after graduation and to persuade the potential employers that they have the skills, background, and ability to do the job and fit comfortably into his/her company. Young Moldovans – just starting their working life or unemployed - will be capable of using tools they gain through various trainings to start - up their own small businesses. Moldovan VET schools will increase the efficiency of entrepreneu rship training of young people due to the revised curriculum.
The MEETA II project promotes economic empowerment of young people by facilitating the development of their job and income generation skills with special focus on entrepreneurship. The project consists of four distinguishable components:
  • Training of the young people for employment;
  • Training of the young people for entrepreneurship activity and self - employment;
  • Revision of entrepreneurship curriculum of the VET schools;
  • Upgrading teachers’ performance according to the demands of the revised curriculum.
Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Winrock Moldova, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (ME), participating VET institutions, and local implementation partners: Dacia Youth Centre (Soroca); Businesswomen’s Association (Balti); Women Association from Gagauzia (Comrat); Women Business Association "Femida" (Cahul); National and Local Employment Agencies.
Project outcome To contribute to employment of youth in rural areas
Project outputs
  1. Increased employment and entrepreneurship skills of unemployed youth, especially graduates of VETs schools in rural areas
  2. Supported VET schools provide quality entrepreneurship education
Duration 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013 (Phase II)
Project budget $ 1 300 000 ( LED - $ 751185)