Infrastructure Optimization (LED)

This project is a one - time intervention aiming to partly renovate se lected buildings of some of the LED partner schools. Thus, the project is part of a long - term cooperation with the schools, ensuring that the buildings are not only renovated, but that they are also used in a better and more efficient way. A lot of school buildings are of inferior quality in terms of heating efficiency. The costs for keeping them warm in winter are unreasonably high. Together with the schools, the most urgent needs for an improvement of the heating efficiency has been identified. Balancing the costs and effect, the renovation will focus on measures that bring the best improvements for the resources invested. Instead of a full renovation of only one school building, the project will support several schools. However, the limited funds made it necessary to focus on a small number of schools.

Some of the project beneficiary schools are teaching construction occupations such as plasterer, carpenter or electrician. Whenever possible, the work will be done by advanced students together with the inst ructors of these profiles. It will enclose a learning exercise for the students and instructors as well as a reduction of the construction costs. However all work done will be supervised by an externally contracted supervisor in order to ensure the quality.
Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Ministry of Education
Project outcome The objective of the project is to improve the infrastructure of some of the best performing partner schools of LED.
Project outputs
  1. The buildings are warmer so that they can fulfill their purpose better.
  2. The VET s chools have an opportunity for hands - on practical training.
  3. The heating costs of the schools are reduced considerably.
Duration 01.01.2012 – 31.12.2012
Project budget ~ 235'000 € (308,000 CHF)