Future English Language Teacher’s School (FELT School)

FELT School project aims to contribute to the professional development of beginning and future English language teachers in Moldova by publishing English language resources and providing opportunities for continuous professional development.

The project develops and provides better teaching aids for two types of English language courses: resources for primary learners and teaching aids for the vocational schools specialized in gastronomy.

FELT School develops and publishes ELT flashcards for the primary learners and integrates them in the ELT process at the partner schools. As a result, all the pupils develop metacognitive skills, teachers have more opportunities to implement learner-centered ELT techniques in their classes, the student-talk is increased in class and there is an increased number of pupils who achieve very good EL speaking skills.

The project also provides continuing education opportunities for beginning EL teachers and additional training for the university students focusing on learner-centered approach in ELT. The trainings are organized via ELT workshops, co-teaching activities, recorded lessons or video sequences on using the flashcards, sessions on developing, evaluating and improving the ELT portfolio and summer schools.

The elaborated resources are available on the market and the project starts to generate income in order to strengthen the organizational capacity of the association “Continuing Education Center” and further develop the FELT School project.

Project brief
Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Chair of English-German Philology, Faculty of Languages, A. Russo Balti State University, Center of Excellence in Gastronomy from Balti, G.Cosbuc Lyceum from Balti, Balauresti Lyceum, Falestii Noi Gymnasium, Chetris Gymnasium and other educational institutions.
Project outcome FELT School contributed to improve English language teaching for primary learners as well as for VET students in the field of gastronomy in Moldova.
Project outputs
  1. A pool of original EL teaching aids complement successfully the beginner courses of English.
  2. There's an improved ELT capacity at the faculty and at the partner schools.
  3. The organizational capacities of the association “Continuing Education Center” are strengthened and income generation has started.
Duration 01.06.2015 – 31.05.2018 (Phase II)
Project budget Phase II: € 165’824.