Education plus: Supporting and advancing the inclusion of Roma kids in the school of Zirnesti

The project provided support to Roma children but also to non-Roma kids who come from most vulnerable families. The main intervention lines  refers to the following:

Some people suffer from severe poverty, that’s why some school kids don't have basic school supplies to go to school. Therefore, the project provided material support for school supplies for the poorest and most disadvantaged kids of Roma and non-Roma families.

For a quality intervention it is necessary to provide the poorest kids with some food in order to keep them healthy and able to attend the lessons. Getting food is a strong motivation for both parents and children to go to school. In this regards the project has foreseen some resources to cover the food costs at the school’s canteen.

It is not enough to simply keep the disadvantaged children in school. It is also important to help them learn. If they cannot follow the lessons, their presence in school is not a big achievement. Therefore it is important that these children have someone who can help them when they have difficulties with the lessons' content and homework. The children therefore got a voucher, with which they could “bought” well-structured and qualitative homework facilitation sessions.The project set a model on how to succeed to include Roma children into the education and to strengthen their educational performance.

Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Ograda Noastra NGO, Ministry of Education
Project outcome Better integration of Roma children of Zirnesti by facilitating quality formal and non-formal educational processes
Project outputs
  1. Social and academic inclusion of Roma children in Zirnesti school has increased
  2. Educational gap between Roma and non-Roma children is diminished
  3. The rate of absenteeism and drop out of Roma children has decreased
  4. Roma parents and school teachers are motivated to have more dialog and trust
Duration January 2013 – October 2013
Project budget EUR 24'980 (EUR 19'920)