Education for Agriculture (EdAgri) Phase I

Agriculture is a very important sector in the economy of Moldova. About 28% of the working people work in agriculture. Poverty is higher in the rural area than in urban areas. On the other side, Moldova has rich soils and a huge percentage of agricultural land. Better education for agriculture can contribute to increase the low performance of the moldovan agricultural enterprises.

There are only three agricultural colleges offering initial training for fruit and vegetable growing and processing in Moldova. The project works with all three of them and helps them to improve their training so that the graduates are more competent and better skilled.

The schools are coached individually. But also, an exchange among the schools is supported – schools should learn from each other and jointly discuss common problems.
A school is only as good as its teachers. Therefore, the project organizes various trainings for the teaching staff, putting them in touch with modern teaching methods and new agricultural techniques.

The project will invest in the improvement of the learning facilities (classrooms, library, media, laboratories). This will be done step by step and in a process of joint-decision with the schools, thus enabling the schools to take full ownership of its developments. 

Finally, the project assesses the possibilities to strengthen the production unit of the schools. Some schools e.g. have considerable amount of agricultural land, where a model farm can be run. This enables the schools to make the students apply the knowledge and build the necessary skills.

With these interventions EdAgri will have a systemic effect on the training of fruit and vegetable growing and processing in Moldova.
Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI); Technical University of Moldova (UTM)
Project outcome The project strengthens the training in fruit and vegetable growing and processing in the Republic of Moldova.
Project outputs
  1. The training is relevant, effective and learner-centered.
  2. The learning infrastructure is improved considerably.
  3. Students have access to adequate learning materials.
  4. In at least one College, the production unit of the school is strengthened.
Duration 01.06.2012 – 31.05.2015 (Phase I)
Project budget Phase I: 453’116 €