Education for Agriculture – EdAgri (LED)

The agricultural college in Taul is foreseen to be declared as centre of excellence in agriculture. EdAgri supports the college in meeting the higher requirements to be fulfilled by a centre of excellence. EdAgri focuses its support on the improvement of the training delivery for two specializations “Horticulture” and “Processing of Vegetal Products”.

For this purpose, EdAgri extends the possibilities for practical training in vegetable and fruit production. A second greenhouse will be built, allowing the production of a wider variety of cultures and seedlings, inclusive grafted. But also the set-up of open didactical fields will be supported.

In another line of activities, EdAgri launches an invitation for experts and specialized institutions to support the college in the introduction of new production technologies on the didactical fields. In this mini-project programme, research institutes, companies, NGOs or individual experts will support the college in implementing and documenting the new technologies. Thus, the college in Taul will become a centre, where a multitude of new production methods are applied, building the basis for a centre where farmers can learn about modern methods in vegetable and fruit production.

All this shall be done in close coordination with any other provider of support for the college.

For making the college Taul a more attractive partner for projects and other forms of support, EdAgri also strengthens the organizational capacity of the college. This support includes additional workforce, inputs for the management as well as entrepreneurship trainings for management and staff. Finally, EdAgri will also do some infrastructure improvement for improving a couple of guest rooms available in the college. Thus, experts and trainers can easier stay and work in Taul.

Project brief
Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI); Technical University of Moldova (UTM)
Project outcome The agricultural college in Taul offers relevant and practice oriented training for fruit and vegetable growing as well as for storing and processing of vegetal products.
Project outputs
  1. The college is a stronger institution.
  2. The production methods on the didactical plots for horticulture are modernized
Duration 01.07.2015 – 30.06.2018 (Phase II)
Project budget Phase II: 594’468 €