Strengthening Vocational Training in Moldova Vocational Education and Training (VET) plays a crucial role in the social and economic development of a nation. Therefore, VET is a joint responsibility of all stakeholders, primarily of the economic agents and the state, and it should respond to the needs of business and industry.

If VET schools want to provide training that meets the demands of business and industry, they have to bridge the gap between the two worlds of training and production. It means that the instructors of VET schools have to be in touch with the productive world. On this background, LED launched the project CONSEPT in the Republic of Moldova in early 2008 in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

CONSEPT mission is to support the VET schools in implementing high quality training according to the demands of the productive sector. CONSEPT partners are those VET schools that perceive the future changes as an opportunity and are ready to face the challenges. Readiness to offer in-service training and short-term pre-service training, offer of trades in high demand and commitment of staff towards modernization are the three most important criteria for VET providers to be eligible for CONSEPT.

Country Republic of Moldova
Cooperation Partners Ministry of Education
Project outcome Develop a more demand - driven and flexible support system for the integration of all types of job seekers into the labor market.
Project outputs
  1. Organizational development: managerial skills
  2. Staff development: instructional and occupational skills
  3. Procurement of equipment: support based on the development plan of the VET school
Duration 01.10.2008 – 31.12.2011 (Phase I )
Project budget Phase I: CHF 2’214’418